Naturopathic Medicine

The Background of Anxiety Part 1

Conventional Medicine Tx for Anxiety-

  • Anti-depressants
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Psychotherapy

My perspective-  Anxiety is like a Portrait-  There is a foreground and a background

Focusing on Anxiety and just anxiety is addressing the foreground without addressing the background.  Which is JUST as important?  


What do I mean by the background?  I mean this:

How's your breathing? 

Are you holding your breath? 

How much tension is in your body?  

How many breaths per minute are you breathing? 

Your breath, HR, BP are autonomically controlled, meaning automatically controlled, but when you shift from something being unconsciously controlled to consciously controlled you switch the background, which CHANGES the FOREGROUND, and the WHOLE PICTURE

If you're interested in addressing the Background and foreground of Anxiety then set up an appointment with my office either by phone or online.  Thank you for listening and please share on twitter and facebook.  #AnxietyPortrait