The Background of Anxiety Part 3

Your CO2 Thermostat.  

Your thermostat maintains the temperature of your house around 68-70degrees, almost year round.  But what would you do if you invited 100 of your closest friends and colleagues for a summer party?  You would probably turn the AC thermostat either down to 60 or cooler or just totally off.  Then your friends leave, after having had a great party, AND you DON'T reset the thermostat.  You are now living in a house that is 60 instead of 70.  How would that affect your body?   

CO2 is no different than "temperature in our thermostat analogy.  A stressor occurs, either acutely or chronically, we react by changing our breath, (WE NEED TO SURVIVE REMEMBER), but when the stressor is over, we don't RESET our Co2, because you might not even have noticed it changed.  

Changing the breath changes the background of anxiety.  If your interested in integrative treatment for anxiety then schedule an appointment online or call CIM.  Please share, tweet,  and like the video.  

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