Free Meditation, Autogenics, and Self-regulation

Breathing, Movement/mobility, autogenics (AT), meditation, EFT, etc.  The list can go on and on and on for the different types of stress reducing practices that exist.  What's important to know is that different stress reduction modalities may work better for different people.  This idea was first put forth (to my knowledge) by Jonathan C. Smith.  

One modality that I love is a form of self-hypnosis called autogenics.  Autogenics was created by neurobiologist Johannes Heinrich Shultz in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  It is widely practiced in Europe, Russian, and Japan.  

Schultz identified two distinct sensations, heaviness and warmth, as sensations that patients reported post-hypnosis.  He argued that the participant, not the hypnotist, were inducing these changes and that through training they could be strengthened and achieved quicker.  

It's important to note that AT is about "self-control" and non-forced physiological changes in muscle tension and blood flow.  When implementing AT we are concentrating on sensations in our body, but we are not actively trying to change them, but rather passively ALLOWING change to naturally happen.  

Here you will find a 15 minute sensation of autogenics with my voice.  Please be responsible and judicious with your stress reducing practice.  Use common sense.  Do not listen to this while driving.