Fighting Fatigue - Part 1

Fatigue is extremely common and is the number 1 reason why people come into the Doctor's office.  When we are fatigued we are in a state of energy depletion.  The energy currency of our cells is ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate).  Your mitochondria are like energy producing power plants for your body.  Now there are a ton of herbs, supplements, dietary patterns, and lifestyle choices that can improve mitochondrial function, or make the power plants you have running, run better.  But there is not an herb, there is not a food, or a pill, or a meditation out there that will actually increase the number of power plants that you have.  The only medicine that can do that is exercise.  Exercise increases mitochondria per area of tissue and it might seem paradoxical, but if you are fatigued, exercise may indeed be one of the prescriptions that is needed.  Exercise is medicine, and like any other medicine there is a dose that is in-effective, effective, and harmful.  If you need help selecting an appropriate dose or idea on how to overcome your fatigue with exercise then call our office and set up an appointment or phone consultation with me.  


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