Building a Holistic Treatment Plan

Building Holistic Treatment Plans.

If you have 5 nails in your foot, and remove 1 nail, you still have 4 nails in your foot and you are still in pain.  You might not be able to perceive the 20% improvement that was made and therefore believe a treatment doesn't work when if fact it does.  Therefore in my chronic/Sustained disease patients, I will often work to remove all 5 nails at once (if possible)  and remove parts of the treatment plan AFTER we have built a strong, RESILIENT HEALTH system. 

I am a Naturopathic Doctor.  What that means is if you schedule a visit with me at Cascade Integrative Medicine your treatment plan will mostly likely include some of the following elements.  Some people need less treatment in the beginning, others need more support.

Food- Specific to your needs, CHO tolerance, Immune tolerance, etc.

Sleep- Ideas to help improve THE MOST Essential healing state of the body

Mind-Body Medicine- Specific to your Stress family (IE how you experience stress)  Meditation is not for everyone

Exercise- NOT Typical lose weight and Exercise more approach in my office-

Supplements- Dosed appropriately and for either maintenance, repletion, or orthomolecular medicine.

Herbal Medicine- Dispensed in a variety of teas, tinctures, capsules, salves, and creams

Rx or Compounded Rx- Specific to your needs

Physical Medicine- Through use of VM,  etc.  AND MORE.


REMEMBER, it is the Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine that sets it apart from other medical systems.  We can train other health practitioners to do what a Naturopath does, but it is more difficult to shift the way a person thinks about health and dis-ease.