Fighting Fatigue - Part 2

Welcome back to Fighting Fatigue - Part 2!  We discussed the importance of using exercise to build new mitochondria in the body.  But how do we build mitochondria and exercise when we don't have the energy to exercise? 

Hydrotherapy is one tool that I LOVE to use with patients to get them going.  Start with 3 minutes of hot water in the shower, then switch it to cold for 30 seconds.  Repeat this 2 more times but don't end on cold, end on hot.  We want your core temperature high so that your muscles and BRAIN are perfused with blood flow which can give a temporary boost in energy and may help you get the workout in when you would normally skip it.  Don't skip it! 

If you're battling fatigue or maybe a chronic illness, know that there are Doctors who can help and a Naturopathic Doctor is a great place to start.  We're like detectives who put all the pieces of your puzzle together to understand how to help bring the body back to health.