As a Primary Care Provider (PCP) it is my job to be the quarterback for your health-care.  My sole goal is to help you achieve the highest quality lifestyle possible.  My aim is to help patients throughout the entire spectrum of health from the very fit, to those with a few minor symptoms or even active disease.  A PCP is a generalist who has knowledge about a wide-variety of common ailments that affect people, but a Naturopathic Doctor is a blend of a PCP and a wellness activist.   For example once we resolve the symptoms of fatigue from hashimoto's hypothyroidism my job is not finished and neither is yours.  Resolving the underlying auto-immunity should be the goal.  But most practitioners don't seek the underlying cause. 

It's not that MDs are to blame.  Unfortunately the system we have built in our institutions, hospitals, and medicare facilities is one that does not emphasize prevention.  Treating symptoms is easy, but rebuilding health takes time, commitment and cannot be achieved in 15 minutes which is the time most PCPs have in major institutions.  

I am interested in disrupting the health-care system in my town and to make Snoqualmie, WA the healthiest town in the US By 2020.  Moving away from lifespan to healthspan I am commited to providing excellent service to my community through multiple avenues.  As a Direct Primary Care Provider I will be on front lines providing in-home care to all patients,